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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Which is Scarier?

Simply put, I enjoy art. I enjoy art that makes you think. Because I enjoy art, I "liked" a page on Facebook a while back: Artist-A-Day. They're a very cool website that puts up photos from a new artist everyday. A few days ago they put up some sculptures by the artist Ted Lawson. He has some very neat pieces but my favorite one is called "Eve". It's a series of eight statues of the same woman at a different stage of body mass. Depending on where you start looking, the woman either starts out as an extremely over-thin woman and progresses to a disturbingly fat one, or the opposite.

Aside form looking at the art, I enjoy reading the comments other people make. One woman's comment-referring to the two polar opposites-really stood out to me "I don't know which one is scarier!" And it's true, both are quite scary to look at. On one hand "Eve" is crazy thin and certainly starving. On the other, "Eve" is a monstrously fat.

Looking at both of these statues, I find neither one of them attractive. And personally, I see the fatter one as the scarier one. In most cases being thin to that extreme is not a choice; it's not something that can be controlled- you simply don't have enough food and are starving. However, being that obese is one's own doing. Maybe she didn't make the mental decision to be that fat, but she allowed herself to become that immense and I think that is the scarier of the two. Someone who is starving because they don't have access to food can't just decide to start eating, but someone who has plenty access to food can decide to start eating better.This actually makes me think of the movie "Wall-E".

I really enjoyed Wall-E, though I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about it. It's a great kids movie, but it's also thought provoking for adults and at times I do feel like that's where our society is heading. Along with Wall-E there's the movie "Idiocracy," but that's a whole different blog post.

You can see more photos of Lawson's "Eve" and other works at
And please, tell me, which do you think is scarier?


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