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Thursday, September 27, 2012

CitiKitty: Potty-Training Skittles

Call me a fool, or call me brilliant, but I am going to potty-train my cat! I was browsing Groupon one day a couple weeks ago and I came across a cat training kit. CitiKitty is a program for your cat to learn how to do her business in the toilet. I thought, "That sounds great! No more having to clean the litter box!" It was on sale for $15 I believe, and to order it online from their website would cost $30, so why not give it a try right? What's $15 for never having to clean a litter box again?

It is a weekly process. Week 1: you put the litter box in the bathroom to get your cat used to going in that room. Week 2: you put the seat cover on the toilet and take away the litter box. Week 3: you punch out the center ring, creating  a tiny hole in the middle of the "litter box". For the next two weeks you punch out the next ring, making the hole bigger and bigger until your kitty doesn't even miss the litter.

So far Skittles in on "week 2". Her litter box sits atop the toilet; I put it on there yesterday. The directions say to sprinkle some cat nip on top of the seat to make your cat want to go up there, so I did, and then I called her over. She jumped up there, sniffed about, and then decided to roll in it because it smelled so good. She hadn't even used it yet and I had a mess to clean up. Silly cat!  I have since decided not to put anymore catnip around the toilet. I want her to think that's where she's supposed to pee, not where she's supposed to play. Well that happened yesterday afternoon, and then I went to an interview and class and got home around 11 o'clock P.M.

The bad news: I didn't find anything in her new litter location. The good news: I haven't found anything anywhere else in the house.

When I woke up this morning there was still nothing in her litter box. I'm really hoping she hasn't found a corner in the house to go to the bathroom, but I haven't found, nor smelt, anything yet. I occupied the bathroom for about 15 minutes this morning taking a shower and when I walked out there was poo on the floor in the hallway. Just my luck that when she decides she needs to go, I'm in the bathroom. Darn cat. 

It's day two, and so far all she's pooped on is the floor. Really hoping she'll use the seat soon otherwise this will be a failed experiment. I'll keep you guys updated- because I'm sure you're all very interested in my cat's bathroom habits :P Wish me (and her) luck!


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