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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Decisions... decisions...

Thank you all for your feedback on my little experiment! This has really been an eye opener. $100/hr. All I have to say is wow. Most of the responses I got were on facebook, so I would like to post them on here too.

Russell Thome AWESOME!!!!!!!
Raul Hernandez wtf, i need some gas money, let me borrow your sign
Sharan Kaur who needs a job when you can earn money this way ;) lol hey should have done it for a longer time so that way you could've gotten more money and made it hard for
Angel Guess Amick Job well done. You go girl.
Alyssa Wilson LOVE it!!!
Diane Price Damn. More then I thought! I should go do that!
Mark Wilson Impressed. Well done.
Michael Paul Amick omg, I knew those guys on the corner lived better than me!
Ashley Kersten wow. seriously wow. now i know what to do on my days off =P
Ronda Amick Ashley I never thougt you would do it. I loved the story. Great job and happy you are sharing it with the world. We need more happy news in all our lives.
Hannah Rodriguez damn! see why people just sit out and freaking beg?
Mansoor Al-Mansoor Great job Ashley, now cab this be considered a hobby? If so I'd like to pick it up. I wonder what would happen if you added international?
Alyssa Wilson Seriously, this was brilliant! You may have started something here...
Whitney Schallock I agree this could be something! You should submit this to the newspaper or somewhere!
Lana D. Robertson What Whitney said!! :)

My favorite, and yes, I'm allowed to pick favorites, was Paul's response : "I knew those guys on the corner lived better than me!" And that was one of the things I was trying to prove with this whole thing. Yes, I'm sure there are some actual homeless people out there, but the one's that aren't homeless (and how can you really tell?), they're not doing half bad, at least not from what I can tell. Now, the big decision I have to make is what to do with the money.

I was starting to feel bad about it. I just took money from all of these people. I was thinking maybe donating it to the homeless shelter or something. Then I came to the conclusion to keep it. I was given this money under the premise that I'm a college student. It wouldn't feel right to take the money and go out to dinner, or to the movies with it or anything like that, so I put it all in my savings account, even the handful of change. I'm not without need; I'm sure there are other people who could benefit from this money as well, but I am going to save it for next quarter. I need a little extra help right now. I will spend it on school and books, because that's what my sign implied. I feel good about this decision.

So thank you all for reading! P.S. Chris did not keep up his end of the bet, and because of this I have to agree with Jessica and Mark.  Jessica Angeline Olivares After all your hard work?!?!? I say you boycott him! Mark Wilson Occupy Chris!! Perhaps I shall.... >:P
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