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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Trouble With Getting Carded

As most of you know, I just had my 22nd birthday on June 24th. Yay! I've been over 21 for a whole year now! Of course that doesn't change the fact that that people still mistake me for 16 year old. I get carded every single time I go to buy any kind of alcohol, so I always have my card out and ready. I've never had a problem in Bakersfield; they ask for my card, I hand it over, they check the birth date, and I'm free to buy whatever beverage I please. It's much more difficult in Santa Barbara.

Chris and I had just finished playing tennis and tossing a couple of frisbees around with his cousin Bryan and his wife, Denise. The sun was shining, everyone was having a good time. The only thing that could make the day any better was getting a burrito at Free Birds, having a nice cold beer, and watching Archer (awesome show!). We said bye to Denise and Bryan and we headed off for a liquor store. Here's where the fun comes in:

I decided to treat Chris and buy the beer.I took the case to the front. Guy asks for my ID- I already have it out and ready. He looks at the card, he looks at me, he looks at the card. He asks, "Is this fake?" Obviously, no, it's not fake and I tell him so. He asks me when my birthday is. I tell him June 24th 1990. I just turned 22! He takes my card over to a machine and comes back and says "The machine says your card is fake." Really? I mean really? How much realer can a real ID get? I said "I don't know why it would say that. I got it from the DMV." By this time I'm getting just a little bit annoyed. I tell him "If you don't want to sell it to me I can go somewhere else" and I start putting back the candy bar I had grabbed. Then he says hold on, he needs to call someone. After appearing to be on the phone for a minute or so, he comes back and asks me what the address is on the card and I tell him flat out what it is, adding on that I just moved to Santa Barbara. He still looks reluctant but finally, lets me buy the beer.
Does this really look like the face of girl who would use a fake ID? I think not :P
All that for a 12 pack! I wouldn't have thought this blog worthy except for the fact that I had a similar dream last night... I had a dream that I was trying to buy alcohol and the chick at the register wouldn't let me buy it because she thought my ID was fake. She was actually telling me that she was going to keep my driver license and I had to go to the DMV and come back with another one to prove that it wasn't fake. I woke up so pissed off! Never have I ever had so much trouble lol. And why the heck did his fancy machine say my card was a fake? Hmm... I think he has a faulty machine- might want to get that looked at.

The day ended well though. I had my boyfriend, my beer, my burrito and my Archer.
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