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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Beginning of a New Beginning

Last Saturday, the 22nd, was my last day working at The UPS Store. Thinking back to July 5th, 2013 I never would have thought this job would have changed me as much as it did. I made so many new friends- some I might even call best friends. I grew as a person, became a Notary Public, expanded my graphic design skills, and learned how to really pack things up awesomely! Anyway, I had an awesome time working there.

The reason I'm not working there anymore is because I'm moving to Santa Barbara on Monday the 31st. I've found a place in Isla Vista; a room in a house. The girl living there, Haley, just happened to be moving out for the month of April- the month I needed a place for. But why only a month you ask? Oh, because Chris and I are moving into our house together in May! I'm moving out a month ahead of Chris to get started on my job hunt. Tomorrow is the big day. Officially moving out of Bakersfield for good. This last week has been filled with visiting friends, family, and packing up all of my junk. 

Packing with cat makes everything better.
I'm packing the stuff I will need for the month, and then also trying to pack up superfluous stuff so that Chris has less work to do when the big move comes. May 16th. That's the day we move into our house. This week is the transition week. I've been living with Chris for a little over a year now and I've already accumulated so much stuff in this house. The house feels empty without all my stuff.

I am going to miss everyone here in Bakersfield, new friends, old friends, and of course family and furry family members, but this is a new beginning for me. I'm starting my new life in Santa Barbara with my amazing boyfriend. 

A small update before I go. Since I last written, I have: left my job as an "Event Specialist" (management was very poor), attended my last quarter at CSUB and received my Bachelors in Economics, and applied for grad School at UCSB. I still haven't heard anything back from Bren/UCSB, so my fingers are still crossed. Only God knows what's going to happen next.

Wish me luck on the job hunt!

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