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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Space Travel

Imagine this:
A new planet has been been discovered. It is said that this planet can sustain human life. It will take 30 years to get there. Do you go?

Chris and I went to Spencer's Cafe, and yes Chris, it's our cafe, for breakfast one morning last weekend and he brought this up. He always brings up the most random situations. For this scenario I said yes. Who wouldn't want to go to a different planet?! In this situation there is a trip back, so you might leave when you're 21 (my age), get there when you're 51, and leave, lets say, at 60. That means you won't get back to Earth until you're 90! Would I still go? I think so. It would be an amazing opportunity.

Next scenario:
Same situation. Only it will take 50 years to get there so, obviously, there is no trip back. Do you go?

Again, I would have to say yes. Being one of the first people to live on a new planet would be, again, an amazing opportunity. Getting to live your life out where no one has ever done it before would be awesome. You would be a whole new kind of pilgrim.

Next scenario:
A new planet has been discovered. There is a 50/50 chance that life on this planet is sustainable for humans. It takes 30 years to get there, and it is a one-way trip. Do you go?

We talked about a few little details, like how it is possible to live on the spacecraft if the planet is inhabitable, and how they found out that there is a possibility for life by using spectroscopy. This one was a bit harder to answer though. I mean, who wants to live out the rest of their life on a cramped space ship? I think I would still go though. Because what if. 

What do you think?

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