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Monday, November 21, 2011

Finally Finals!

Ah yes, the finals week. Something every student looks forward to and dreads at the same time. Finals week brings both good and bad with it. Good, because it means the end of the quarter and beginning of the holidays, bad because of all those filthy final exams that come with it! This was my first quarter at CSUB and I think it went fairly well. A's and B's. I've already taken a final for my micro economics class- got an 88% on it. Not too bad. Right now I'm supposed to be writing an essay for my multicultural communication final... not going so well actually as I have decided to write this blog instead (: I'm not worried about it though, as soon as I decide to start it, it will get done quickly.

The last final I have is on Wednesday- Finite Mathematics. Something else I'm not worried about either seeing as I get to use a full page of notes. You know, I was actually nervous about starting up at a new school. I thought it was going to be too hard, or I wouldn't make any friends, or, or... well you know, all the normal new school fears, but this quarter has been really good for me. I've actually put myself out there and made new friends, and got good grades. These last few months in general have been good. I can honestly say I'm happy right now- would be happier if I had a job to keep me busy over the holiday, but I guess I can't complain too much.

Just one and a half months until this year is over and it's goodbye 2011, hello 2012. Just think, if the world ends in 2012 like they say it will, I will have spent my entire life in school. Joy. I, personally, do not believe in this, but I guess to each his own. We'll find out soon enough! I know I'm settled for the after-life, so I'm none too worried (:

Well, good luck to everyone who is cursed with finals this week! I hope you all do well!

Much love,
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