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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ashley at Ashley

This whole weekend has been... fantastic.

Today was my first day of work at Ashley. I think I'm going to be a good fit there and everyone is so nice! Over the weekend I got to go shopping for work clothes, which is always fun. My Grandma took me to Kohl's on Saturday where we took the clearance racks by storm. She also got 30% off for using her Kohl's card. I got a few cover-ups that I can just wear over the clothes I already have to make them look more professional. I also went out on my own later that day and checked out a few stores that I haven't been to before.

Chris' sister Amanda wanted to go to TJ Maxx when she was in town, so I decided to check that place out. I found a lot of cute shirts there (and I will probably be returning there after I start getting paid :D), but I needed to find bottoms not tops. I didn't end up buying anything, but as I was driving out of the parking lot I saw Plato's Closet. I have been wanting to go there, but I never actually have. So, I parked again and went inside.

There is a brand at Kohl's called Candie's, and it's always quite expensive (at least for me). A Candie's skirt can easily sell for $40. I found one at Plato's Closet for $4... and it fit! I am so excited with my find. I am definitely going to be returning to Plato's Closet. It does smell like a used clothing store, because it is :P, but their clothes are of good quality, and they have dressing rooms! They also have a 30 day return policy, which is awesome.

To top off my wonderful day at work, my cousin, Laurie, informed me that my blog was written about on the Bakersfield Californian Bakosphere Blog! All I have to say about that is, "Awesome!" I have no idea how they found my blog, or why they decided to write about it, but I don't mind! I'm just glad someone I knew ran across it so I know it exists! The post is called Ashley finds a job -- at Ashley. Way cool if you ask me.

This is the skirt I bought for 4 dollars:

 And here is the outfit I got at Kohl's to wear for my first day of work (: Professional and cute!

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