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Monday, December 31, 2012

My Mother's Eulogy

"This is my mother. -Hopefully- I loved her. Put me in the ground."

Ah, inside jokes. You know a joke is good when, after a few years, you can bring it up again and it still brings tears to your mother's eyes from laughing too hard. On Christmas, my sister, mom and I were standing in the kitchen, and the funeral for the school shooting was on the news. My mom got to talking about how she wants to be buried. She doesn't want a huge funeral, or for us to spend a lot a money or time on it. She just wants us to say "This is my mother." Hopefully, "I loved her". And then to be stuck in the ground. The way she said it, however, was "This is my mother. -Hopefully- I loved her. Put me in the ground." And of course my sister and I being who we are took her quite literally. I could go on and try to explain how funny it was, but that's what makes inside jokes so special isn't it?

This is just another one to add to the list of things that makes my mother cry (from laughing). There are a few things we can bring up or say with a funny voice (my precious...) that will leave her in tears. Inside jokes are what makes a family. Those little things that no one else will get... or will get, but just won't be that outstanding to them. Laughter (and sometimes tears) help keep a family together. A family who laughs a lot, loves a lot.

My sister and I aren't the closest, but when it comes to inside jokes, we can crack em like no other. My poor mom, it's like a tag team. Add in my brother and my mom stands no chance. You might think it's mean of us to gang up on my mom and make her cry, but when they're tears of joy- as long as she's not driving like that one time- she thanks us for it later :P


I've not forgotten about my blog, I've just been too lazy to write out my ideas :P
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