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"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." - Walt Disney
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Art of Being Shy

Any shy person could tell you how difficult it is to be shy… or I suppose anyone who used to be shy could tell ya. Haha. It’s not easy. In order to be shy, you have to be able to maneuver around anything that might draw attention to you. You have to be super stealthy.

How do I know this? Because I used to be shy of course! When I first starting going out with Chris two and a half years ago, I was super shy. Okay, maybe not super shy, but I was shy enough to be socially awkward and not know what to do with myself in large groups of people. When you’re shy, the best thing you can do is find a corner and sit in it- be a wallflower.

So how does one master the art of being shy? Like so: walk silently. If no one hears your footsteps, they won’t notice you and try to make conversation- you can slip by undetected. When in a strange house, never make any noise when opening: doors, cabinets, drawers, etc. If you can’t find something (say in the kitchen), don’t ask someone about it! Just open all the cabinets as quietly as possible until you find it. Why quietly? Because you don’t know if that someone whose kitchen you’re looking in wants you snooping about trying to find things in their kitchen!

Don’t make eye contact with people. Making eye contact will only encourage people to try to talk with you. If you want something, don’t just simply ask for it, ignore it at all costs and wait for it to be offered to you- then silently say, “yes please,” and take it with a “thank you.” If it isn’t offered to you, you’re tough out of luck.

So basically, if you’re shy, you have to be quiet- in all things you do. Because you never know what the wrong sounds might be. What if you make a joke, and no one thinks it’s funny? What if someone says a joke and you don’t get it?! If you’re shy, you’re already quiet so no one will notice if you laugh quietly- they won’t assume you didn't get it.

My life was so much harder when I was shy. I can now talk to people- even random strangers! I did so today in Sears! There was a lady looking at sweater-dresses and I started up a conversation with her. I started the conversation with her. It’s very exciting when you notice a change in yourself like that. One of the things I was asked in my interview at the Picture People was how I would rate myself on the shyàoutgoing scale. He seemed surprised when I said probably 8- but I used to be like a 2.

One thing that I remember the most about my shy self was my first (?) trip to Santa Barbara. I was meeting a lot of Chris’ friends and Kyle (one of the most outgoing guys ever) introduced himself to me. I said hi and he asked “You’re shy aren’t you?” Tell me, how exactly is a shy person supposed to answer  that question? Lol. “Yes I’m shy” but in order to say that you have to not be shy, which would make the answer false! I just kinda smiled with a slightly confused/startled look on my face and nodded.

Guys, don’t expect an answer if you ask a shy person if they’re shy!  Ask me that question now and you’ll get an answer, but it won’t be a yes! So happy to be where I am now in my life.


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