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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Christmas Wish

Dear Family,

I know being in such as large family like ours, it can be pretty impossible to like everyone. Not everyone gets along with everybody. That's just the way the world works. This Christmas, my wish is for us to get together and be civil with one another.

I know it's difficult, but sometimes we have to think beyond ourselves. Firstly, think of Grandma and Grandpa (Goldie and Gilbert that is). What a great Christmas present it would be to them to have everyone there for Christmas this year. We hate to think it, but you never know when their last Christmas will be... Wouldn't it be great to have everyone gather around the table this year? To let them know we're still a family?

Second, think of your children and the example you set for them. Think of how great it would be to show them that, even though you might not get along very well, you can still have a wonderful holiday. I know it's easier sometimes to just say whatever is on your mind- no matter who it hurts, but wouldn't you rather spend a day that is all about love and forgiveness, loving and forgiving?

I was there on Thanksgiving this year. The table was tense, and there were things said that shouldn't have been. It was nice having the few that were there there, but the feeling just wasn't quite right.

A lot has been said and done on all sides- that much is true. But this Christmas, if we could all just think before we speak, put aside our differences, and be there for the ones we love, we could really pull this off. This post is not meant to make anyone mad or point fingers at anyone- it is just a girl's plea to her family to be civil to one another this year. Come to Christmas with a smile on your face, and think of others before yourself. If everyone can do this, then no one will have to have a bad holiday this year.

Please family.
I love all of you. If not for me, do it for Goldie and Gilbert. We might not be able to love each other unconditionally, but you have to believe that they do. I hope this message comes across the way I mean it to.

Merry (Almost) Christmas,

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