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Sunday, December 25, 2011

I want a white Christmas...

No flakes to fall. No, none at all.
Not even enough to throw a ball.
No ice to skate. No men to build.
I thought this was supposed to be winter.

The perfect Christmas. You hear about it everywhere. With its snow, warm fires, and hot coco. Why can't I have a "white" Christmas? I live in the Bakersfield- we don't get snow. There has been snow here only once in my life. It happened back in 1999. January 25th. Just one month too late for Christmas! I remember my parents waking me up near 5 o'clock in the morning telling my sister and I to look out the window. It was dark. We couldn't see anything. They promised there was snow outside so we got up; they made us put on our snow clothes and then we ran outside as quickly as possible!
Best. Day. Ever.

School was cancelled. Everything was covered in white and the flakes were HUGE! Six inches of snow fell that day. I know it was probably not good for some people who had to work and what-not, but I was a 8-year old kid. To me, the snow was the most awesome thing to happen all month! I remember running down to my friend's houses and having snowball fights. And in our front yard we built a family of snowpeople. One for each of the five of us.

After our fun at home my parents drove us to my grandparents house where we made a snowman with our cousins. I remember it being gigantic (then again I was 8 and everything was bigger than me). It was a 5 or 6 tiered snowman, so he probably was pretty big though. If I remember correctly it only snowed for that one day and the next day they sent us back to school. It was quite sad. They had all the snow in piles out in the play yard and we weren't even allowed to go near them!

The theory is it is supposed to snow every ten years here. Well, it's been twelve and there still hasn't been any more snow! I don't think I'll ever have a white Christmas. At least not in Bakersfield. I guess since the snow won't come to me, I'll just have to go to the snow!

Even without the snow, this Christmas has been good. My whole extended family got together at my grandparent's house for lunch without fighting (a pretty big feat nowadays) and I got a call from my boyfriend and his family in Santa Barbara (no snow for them either :P). This day has been pretty near perfect if you ask me. I got a few gifts from my family and they all loved the ones I got for them. I'm just so grateful for everyone and everything that happened and is going to happen today. I have two more presents to give out and I know neither one of the recipients actually wanted any presents, so this should be fun!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a good day and remember to spend time with your love ones, like I'm about to do after I get done with this post (: I love you all.

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