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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Babies

Ahh, Spring time... The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing and little baby animals are being born! I love spring time on the farm. The first three babies of the year were born early this morning around 4 AM. Their mommy is a goat I named Bazinga, who was born two years ago on the farm. She was a triplet herself, so there was a very good chance she would have triplets, and she did! These are her first kids and she had them all by herself without any difficulty.

She had two girls, white with brown heads, and a little boy who is a stunning red color all over except for a few  white spots. Of course the boy had to be the pretty one... We generally keep the girls for breeding and sell the boys, unless they look really good, in which case we'll keep them for breeding stock as well. I'm really hoping he'll turn out good (he's already pretty stocky) so that we'll get to keep him. I gave them all names already. It's not so much an attachment thing as it makes it easier to refer to them so we don't have to keep calling them "that little girl," or "the boy."

Since their mommy's name is Bazinga I dubbed them Sheldon, Penny, and Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory! I'm thinking this is going to be tradition for her babies... until we run out of names from the show haha. Sheldon is the only boy, so his name choice was obvious. Penny is the bigger of the two girls and since the actress who plays Bernadette is so petite, the smaller girl got her name.

There are three more goats who should be due pretty soon: Hippy, Ruby, and Itty Bitty. They all look like they're about to burst! We also have about five more that have been in a pen with a buck for the last couple of months who should be kidding as well.

Here's the new family! If you want to see more cute goatie pictures, just click here to see them on my facebook page! More pictures to come soon as more babies are born (:

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