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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Adult Wants... Or Are They Needs?

I remember as a kid, probably the most expensive thing I wanted was a barbie doll. I could even spend a dollar and be happy with what I'd gotten. As you grow up, your wants become much more expensive though. You want a fancy car. You want a computer. You want a phone. All of these things are wants. We'd like to express them as needs though.

When did the world get so expensive? I find myself sitting here, typing on my computer and thinking, my computer is slow, I need a new one. Or when I'm editing photos and the pictures aren't as clear as they could be, I need a better camera. When I'm out and about and would like to check my e-mail, I need a smart phone. When I'm driving to school and my stereo doesn't work, and my AC doesn't work, and my engine makes a racket; I need a new car.

I know what these are: first-world problems.

Some of these things are quite necessary though. My car, though it is not fancy... and the radio decides when it wants to play... is an essential day-to-day object. I don't need a new car though; this one gets me from place to place. My laptop still allows me to access the internet and type up this blog post; it's still good. My camera takes pictures and my (non-smart) phone allows me to contact people when I need to and the battery lasts for days without needing to be charged! I have come to appreciate the objects that I have and make do with them. And while, yes, I would like to have "better" ones, these ones will have to do until I win the lottery. Keep your fingers crossed for me (:
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