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Thursday, May 10, 2012

No Longer In A Book

Whilst walking around campus one might assume to see many students with their noses in a book, or at least looking around, enjoying the scenery. The campus is quite pretty, and there are plenty of cute furry animals to admire: squirrels, kit foxes, the occasional cat. But as I was walking to class yesterday I noticed something very interesting. There were many other students walking around, but 90% of them weren't enjoying the scenery, or even watching where they were going! They all had their noses stuck to their phones!

The only reason I was able to make this observation myself was because I had just stuck my phone in my pocket. Everywhere I looked there was someone either texting, talking on their phone or otherwise using it. Look how far technology has come. Most people wouldn't dare leave the house without their phones, let alone go to school without it. You can miss so many things when you're looking at your phone. A friend might walk by and, if both of you are looking at your phones, you might not even see them. You're so busy having conversations through texting that you don't even notice the real people right in front of you.

I've had friends like this. You're sitting there having a conversation and their phone goes off; they have a new text. They pick up their phone and begin to text back all the while you are still talking to them. After they're done texting they ask you to repeat what you said, because they stopped listening as soon as their phone rang. You forgive them and continue talking. A couple seconds later their phone goes off again. You notice that as soon as they start reading the text message they aren't even listening to you anymore. Now I wouldn't mind this too much; I know some conversations are more important than others, but if it's that important that you ignore the person that is right in front of you to text someone back (over and over again), just call them for goodness sake! That way the conversation will go that much more quickly! Also, this way, the person sitting in front of you won't keep getting interrupted and feeling like what they're saying doesn't mean a thing to you.

I have recently made a vow... to myself... that I will text less. When I want to talk to someone I will call them, or even see them in person! At least when you're talking on your phone you're looking around. When you're texting, you're phone is all you see. Too many students have the phones permanently glued to their hands. I refuse to be part of the majority.

...We'll see how long this lasts.
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