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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

End Of The Quarter, And No Stress?

When I signed up for classes this quarter, I expected it to be even worse than last quarter.

I'm taking two classes with Professor Hegde- that means at least two big projects for this quarter. I was expecting the worst. At the end of last quarter I was about ready to pull my hair out (see my To-Do List and A Sigh Of Relief). I don't know what is different this quarter. I have the two projects, and another for my ag class. I had two research papers due for Hegde's classes as well, and not once I have felt overly stressed this quarter.

I'm not sure why that is. Have I just accepted that there's no point for me to worry about it? It will get done when it's done. Or maybe it's because I have a stress relieving job...? I love working at The Picture People! I'm always smiling when I'm there. Always dancing. Always laughing. I enjoy my time there so much that even after an eight hour shift, I'm not ready to leave.

And to make things even better, yesterday's shift they put me in room 1. That means I get to take pictures! I had three sessions that morning. Two criers and one roller, but I got some good shots anyway! They seemed happy with them, so that's all I was worried about.

I don't know what I would do without this job. I thought that maybe it would make me more stressed- taking time away from writing my papers, but it hasn't. I look forward to my shifts there. So far I haven't been stressed, and I have only one more big paper that I still need to work on.... I just need to find the motivation to do so. Man I wish I was done with school. Work is so much easier. Once you go home for the day, you don't have any homework. Only 3 more quarters! Cross your fingers for me that they go swiftly!


P.S. Happy post number 100! Who would have thought my blog would go this far? Definitely not me!
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