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Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year. New Ashley.

New Year. New Me. I know everyone says that, but I actually mean it this time! This is going to be a new year for me, and I'm going to make the best of it. This will be the year I move out of my parent's house. This will be the year I start standing up more for myself and learning who I really am.

This morning my goal was to look around until I found someone who was hiring, and then get them to hire me. I really want to work at a vet hospital so I Googled all the vet hospitals in Bakersfield. I wrote down their names and numbers and then waited till 8 AM for them to open. I had a fairly large list- at least 15. I called around. Not a one of them was hiring. I got a lot of positive encouragement though. Many of them told me to come by and fill out an application anyway. I even got called back by one place where I left a message!

So I'm sitting there in the living room in front of my laptop, looking up places, fixing up my resume, and waiting for places to open when I get another phone call. It's not a Bakersfield number so I assume it's EventPro Strategies offering me another gig (which I would most definitely accept), but it's not. It's a woman from Academic Advantage, offering me a job as tutor. She found my resume on the CSUB CECE website. $19/hr and at least 8 hours a week. Thank You God. Not what I was expecting to do, but I will take anything I can get!

This job might be just the starting point I need to get on my own two feet. I'm still going to go drop my resume at the vet hospitals and see what happens, but so far it's looking like I'm not going to need to. I am just so excited for the future right now. Everything is finally starting to fall into place.

So far this year has been pretty good. Only six days in and I've got my school books taken care of, a possible job (I won't believe it till it actually happens :P), and it all started out with my very first New Year's kiss. I start school Monday and my job orientation is Thursday. I can't wait. Bring on 2012.
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