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Friday, June 15, 2012

Big Decisions and Big Changes

Chris just left. He's on his way to Santa Barbara. He's been planning on moving back there since before the day we started going out two years ago. I always thought of it as being a sad day. This guy that I love, then liked, was going to move away, and I would hardly get to see him in person, if at all. I would try to be happy for him, because he really didn't like it in Bakersfield, and I would smile and tell him I'll miss him, but I knew there would be some tears eventually.

My whole outlook on him moving changed about a month and a half ago when he first brought up the idea of me moving with him. Wow. We've been dating for over two years now, and his house is like my second home, so it wouldn't be that big of a change, but it's going to be a whole different city. I'm not going to lie, it's a little scary. Not only am I making the decision to move in with him, I'm making the decision to move cities. Away from all of my friends and my family. I know I have friends there, and I'm sure I'll make new ones, but it's just such a big change.

I've lived in Bakersfield my entire life. The biggest change I've made since living here was getting a small tattoo on my back! I know I'll be okay, but I also know I won't be able to sleep at all Saturday night. I would have gone with him today, but I have to work on Saturday, so I'll be moving away on Sunday. It sounds so sad to say "moving away" haha. I hear all my friends making plans for this summer, and it saddens me to know I won't get to be a part of them. You all have to come visit me in Santa Barbara! (or else).

But it's not all sad stuff! I'm taking a big step with my boyfriend and we're moving in together. That makes me very happy. I'm also going to be able to get to know his family better! I know he loves them all very much (: Right now all I have to worry about is getting a job, and I'm really not too worried about it. I've already applied to a few places, and I've got a list of more places to look into. I've had a interview already... which I don't think went that great, but by Sunday I'll be living in Santa Barbara and I'm sure it'll be easier once I'm not 2.5 hours away (:

This is the biggest decision of my life so far, and I know I'm making the right one. I'm sure I'll come back to Bako once in a while, and I'm coming back for the fall quarter, so it's not like I'm leaving for good. I'll miss you all.

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