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Friday, June 1, 2012

Crossing It Off The List

Cue the loudest, girliest squeel ever.

Okay, so, last week I was bored in class so I started making a "want" list. Well, two lists actually. An "I can afford" list, and a "not gonna happen anytime soon" list. In the latter there were little things like hair flowers, mascara, and nail polish. The shorter, more expensive list contained items like a new laptop, a smart phone, and an "awesome" camera. I never dreamed that I would be crossing something off that so soon!

On Thursday I had an interview at BevMo! in Santa Barbara. I invited Chris to go with me; I thought it would be a fun day trip, and I know he appreciated the weather there. We got to visit with his mom for a bit and his cousin- it was a real good time! I don't know how well the interview went.... but I should find out in the next few days if I'm getting a second one! Anyway, we got there around 11, interview was at 1 and we left around 2-2:30 ish. On the ride home, Chris decided to make a pit stop in Oxnard.

We stopped at a uniform store and Chris bought some awesome boots for work and then we went to Fry's and Best Buy and Chris gave me the biggest surprise. After being extremely dissatisfied with the customer service at Best Buy, Chris bought me a camera at Fry's. And not just any camera, an awesome one! This is where the girly squeel comes in ;) He was going to buy me the Canon Rebel t2i, but it was out of stock at Fry's and we ended up going home with the t3i.

I never expected this. All I can say is I have the most awesome boyfriend in the world (: He said he was going to buy it while I was at the interview, but this was surprise enough anyway I think, because I never saw it coming :P I had my suspicions when he actually picked up the SD card and carried it over to the cameras, but I wasn't about to get my hopes up. Turns out I was right. I am now on the way to being a "professional" photographer :P

So many doors have opened, and now all I need is a better laptop that is faster, has more memory, and has Photoshop CS6 so I can edit the RAW photos my awesome camera can take... Hey! My birthday is in 23 days! Maybe I should put my list on here... Haha, anyway! Thank you so so much Chris. I didn't think you could do it, but your rating on the awesome scale just went up that much higher (: I love you, I love you, I love you.

So yeah, Ashley Amick Photography just got awesomer as well. So if you every want me to take some photos for you (with my new awesome camera) just let me know!
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