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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Driving in Goleta

Look out people! Driver from Bakersfield coming through!

There are quite a few differences between Bakersfield and Goleta. One of the big differences I have observed is the speed limits! I can just be minding my own business, driving down the road, and I'll notice that I'm passing everyone up. Then I realize I'm going 50 mph and slow down. It's so weird! If you drive 50 mph in Bakersfield, you're going slow and other drivers will get pissed off at you. It's just automatic for me when I'm driving; I cruise at 50/55 all the time in Bakersfield.

In Goleta/Santa Barbara most of the speed limits are 25-45. There are rarely any places where you can drive over 45 mph (legally). The one big exception is the 101 freeway. I have a feeling people living there LOVE the freeway. Why? Because that's the only place I'm driving too slow. The speed limit is 65. I drive 65. Practically everyone passes me up on the freeway. For this reason, I have learned to take the freeway whenever possible, of course it is nice to just cruise around and explore sometimes (which I've been doing a lot this past week).

I've actually been avoiding the freeway for the most part and taking the regular roads so that I can get more familiar with the area. I'm in Bakersfield right now for my birthday weekend, and I'm thinking about getting my bike fixed up and taking it back with me. Another difference about Goleta? There are people on bikes everywhere. You have to be very careful when you're driving. This is probably another reason why the speed limits are so low; they don't want you running over bikers!

Other than being lucky about not getting a speeding ticket yet, Goleta has been great! I am loving the weather! I arrived on Sunday and on Monday I checked my Google Homepage and noticed the weather was still set up for Bakersfield. I changed it to show Goleta as well. This made me especially happy to be in Goleta (:

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